Hi there! We’re successful nesters and we’re so happy you’re here.



We’re two couples, Randy and Phyllis and Chris and Elise. Phyllis and Elise are sisters. We’re successful nesters. What’s that? Well when Elise and Chris were sending their youngest off to college, many friends and family members would exclaim, “Oh wow…you’re going to be empty nesters.” Chris didn’t like that term. He felt it was too negative and wanted to view this next stage in life more positively. So he came up with the term “successful nesters.”

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Here’s what we’re doing

We are ready to embrace this next stage of the journey of life. So we’ve started to gather as successful nesters.We’re meeting regularly for a nice dinner out. The four of us each take turns choosing a restaurant every month or so and we’ll share our experience with you through a review and pics. And who knows…maybe we’ll even go off on a weekend adventure one day?!

We’ll also hop on here from time to time to chat about what it’s like to be a successful nester. We’ll share how we’re celebrating and enjoying our newfound freedom – the reward that comes after working hard to raise your kids for 20+ years. And we’d love to hear from you too!

Here’s how we started

One evening, in the fall of 2016, Elise and Chris had no plans for the evening and decided to have an impromptu meal out. They chose to go to an old haunt they had both been to about 30 years before. They were not far from Phyllis and Randy’s home. And it dawned on them that Phyllis and Randy were recent successful nesters and might be able to spontaneously join them. Well it turned out Randy was not able to join them, but Phyllis did meet them, in fact with her son who just happened to be home for a little Columbus Day break.

We had a lovely evening over a delicious Italian meal at Labretti’s.  We discussed how fun and refreshing it was that it was now possible to enjoy a night out without having to worry about our kids – driving them here and there, staying up at night waiting for them to come in. Instead of waiting for an opportunity, why not make a plan to regularly go for dinner? We would take turns choosing. We made a date. Elise would choose the first place. And the Successful Nesters began…

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